Planning an Africa Safari? Beware the Safari Bug!


No, I’m not talking about technical issues with Apple’s browser! I’m talking about the extremely infectious disease that afflicts those of you, myself included, that have travelled to, and photographed in, Africa and or India. The symptoms are not always obvious and often don’t emerge until you’re home.

Here are some of the indicators . . .

  • Easily distracted, distant, detached i.e. daydreaming
  • Disrupted sleep as you relive incredible wildlife encounters
  • Gloominess caused by the realisation that it might be a few years before you can return

So, what causes the Africa Safari Bug (or India Safari Bug), and is there a remedy? 

Fortunately, it’s not associated with either mosquitos or tsetse flies. It’s essentially a psychological, or should that be emotional or perhaps even “spiritual” condition. Ultimately, we’ve fallen in love with the very essence of Africa, its people, culture, flora, fauna, sights, sounds and smells and that’s completely understandable. After all it’s where we are all from. It’s home!

There’s only one course of action for the Africa safari bug, one known therapy. That’s right, we have to go back again!

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