- My Story -


The above image was taken the very moment that I decided that I wanted to pursue photography professionally, as an alternative to corporate life. The moment remains as vivid today, as when it happened.

I had just spent a week in various locations in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The Delta provided a wonderfully impressive backdrop to complement an astonishing array of flora and fauna. A truly magical place.

It was our last day and we were transferring from our lodge – Nxabega Tented Camp – to a small landing strip for our hop to Maun, when we spotted a young female leopard high up in the V of a tree (isn’t it always the way when you’re leaving somewhere?). We figured we had about 25mins spare before we had to get back on track. 

Ignoring us, her eyes were transfixed on a waterbuck with calf. She was in the zone. She slowly backed out of, and down the tree to track her prey on foot, all the while concealed by the tall savanna grass.

She managed to get within 10 meters before giving away her position, but still decided to give chase, but unfortunately to no avail and with no reward.

As she attempted to restore her composure on the cool side of an abandoned termite mound, it dawned on me that stories like these were being acted out universally in the natural world all of the time, and I wanted to tell those stories.

So, after many years of heading up a number of highly successful in-house creative design and photography studios for top brands including QANTAS, Virgin, Flight Centre and Cath Kidston, I made the switch, and set up Andrew Sproule Photography, and Vue.Dog (Dog Photography) and haven’t looked back.

Andrew Sproule Photography

Dog Photography

If you're considering hiring a professional pet photographer for your very special furry friend, then please take a look at my Pet Photography website - Vue.Dog - for some inspiration.


- My Gear -


I have used quite a few camera bodies from a number of brands, however for the last five years I have been using Canon equipment.


Lenses (glass) are far more important to me then camera bodies. It's imperative that I have the right tool for the right scenario, whether it's wildlife, travel or cultural.


Getting closer to wildlife often requires specialist clothing and products, and for that I've used Wildlife Watching Supplies for quite a number of years.

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